"The good therapist is well verse in his knowledge and does his best to help client to solve the body problem. Very friendly, highly recommended."
singapore bekam
Calvin Loh
Satisfied Customer
"For a first timer doing cupping, Hassan was very detailed in explaining everything. Very well versed and accommodating. Strong magic hands for my back massage which is highly recommended. Was a very good experience and would be looking forward for my next session.
singapore chiropractor
Toms Hafeizi
Satisfied Customer
"My first experience engaging cupping services. Firstly the therapist was very friendly and humble! The cupping was great and could feel the difference at the of the session. The therapist was professional in answering any doubts or giving solutions. Overall a pleasant experience and would definitely engage the services again."
Singapore Massage
Kumara Sakthivel
Satisfied Customer
"Finally we did our first Bone Realignment Care and additional Hijama for my hubby! My husband and I have a Back Pain issue for quite sometimes and The Good Therapist is very professional and experienced upon handling both of us. He dun even need you to do an X-ray in order to see your spine misaligned. Both of us feeling so light and freshen up after the session and can't wait for next! Good Job! Highly Recommended!"
manhood treatment singapore
Dilly Hussin
Satisfied Customer
"Doing Hijama after years was extremely pleasant with “The Good Therapist” the name says it all guys. He was extremely professional and polite, he explained each and every process along the way and shared with me how and why we should do Hijama. He was very meticulous with the entire process and ensured that I was comfortable and feeling okay. Would definitely recommend everyone out there to contact him and try it to see for yourself. There is also a female therapist for you’ll ladies out there. No regrets and will definitely be making another appointment soon. Two Thumbs up for “THE GOOD THERAPIST”."
hijamah near me
Rajah Amearish
Regular Customer
"Alhamdulilah after 3 years of suffering sciatica yesterday went for full bone adjustment and the pain just went away like that REALLY AMAZING!!! ,now I can easily bend over or squat down and pick up things no more worries.. THANKS ALOTSSS BOSS will engage u again soon🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🥰🥰🥰🥰🤙🤙🤙."
bekam woodlands
Mohd Adiki
Satisfied Customer

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